40 Stories Box Set (DVD)


40 Stories is a rare treasure chest of filmed stories about the goodness of God as told by Aboriginal Australians from across the nation. Come on a unique journey of the heart as you watch these honest, hope-filled personal testimonies. These stories will enrich your understanding and offer fresh insights and new perspectives about where God is leading Australia as a nation. 40 Stories is a valuable resource for sharing the good news about the redemptive and transformative power of Jesus’ love.

40 Stories is a versatile tool for evangelism and discipleship as well as an ideal focal point for prayer and reflection in personal, small and large group settings. 

Product Features:

  • Total 568 minutes viewing
  • 40 broadcast quality films captured in unique locations
  • 7 Bonus Stories
  • 6 Special Features:
    1. Pastor Emmanuel Fave – The first-born of the nation
    2. You are loved
    3. God’s message to Australia
    4. The significance of Israel
    5. Forgiveness: The path to healing
    6. Hearing God’s voice