40 Stories Outreach Donation

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Together we can make a difference across Australia.

All funds raised for 40 Stories Outreach go towards achieving the following charitable objectives:

  • Equip a team of 50 Indigenous advocates to promote and distribute the videos to unreached areas of Australia -- into schools, churches & community groups -- in particular to remote communities.
  • Give away 1000 DVD box sets to be distributed across Australia through our 50 advocates.
  • Develop & execute an online campaign to promote the videos online.
  • Promote the videos to all Australians through television, online channels and social media.
  • Getting these films into more people’s hands and on to more screens across Australia to save lives and change lives through the power and love of Jesus.
  • Our goal is for 10,000 Australians to become followers of Jesus through the presentation of the 40 stories.
  • Inspire the Australian Church to see what God is doing through Indigenous Christians.
  • Work with the Australian Church to share the stories with their friends, family & colleagues.